About us

Taknama PVC Sepahan is the manufacturer and exporter of UPVC in Iran

Taknama PVC Sepahan Co has begun its activity in the field of UPVC profiling since 2010 in accordance with God and with optimization of fuel and energy consumption, and is now on an area of 10,000 square meters with infrastructure 4000 square meters in Razi industrial city of Isfahan province and during this time, with the production of high quality and economical products has managed to take a good part of the market.

Mission statement:

Helping to increase productivity in the energy sector by producing high-quality UPVC profiles and delivering valuable services, relying on motivated and diligent workers, which will improve the lives of national consumers.


  • Comprehensive development of the company to provide widespread products and services throughout the country.
  • Selling in all provinces of the country.
  • Attention to customer satisfaction by responding to their orders, comments and suggestions in the shortest possible time.
  • Increase production of polypropylene to a limit of 10,000 tons per year in order to obtain an acceptable market share of the country's manufacturing profile.
  • Increasing the export of products by providing agency and ownership of sales offices in neighboring countries


National production

Dealers abroad

Representation across Iran